Zilla zameen

Inde / Pakistan / France

Songs of India, semi classical, Sufi and the folk music of Rajasthan and Pakistan


Zilla Zameen means "The Earth Community".

And so met Parveen Sabrina Khan of French/Indian origin who was trained from childhood in song (classical, folk and Sufi) and lulled since her birth by the tablas of her father (Ahmeed Khan), Amjad Ali Rana who carries in his powerful and passionate voice the typical style of the popular singers of Rajasthan and Jahanguir Hugo NAZIR, a French/Pakistani percussionist, also multiracial, who accompanies them on tablas with dedication.

Here they present the music that is dear to their hearts, their common bond...

With :
Parveen Sabrina Khan: Chant
Amjad Ali Rana: Harmonium et Chant
Jahanguir Hugo NAZIR: Tablas et Dhol, choeurs